pub brewhouse

combination of mash tun and wort kettle,
combination of lauter tun and whirlpool( up and down structure),
wort cooler,
beer filter,
barrel washer,
beer vending machine,
unit cooler,
piping lines,
automation control system, etc.
Standard sizes:
Capacity ranging 5bbl, 10bbl, 20bbl

-The kettle combining the functions of mash tun and wort kettle is equipped with external heating jacket, internal heating tubes (with deflector) and mash agitator, all of which are designed for meeting process requirements during mashing and boiling, especially the requirements of temperature rising.
-Special design of vapor stalk on combination kettle of mash tun and wort kettle allows secondary vapor to be condensated and directly discharged to gulley as prevention of environment pollution.
-Design of adjustable spent grain removal in lauter tun facilitates spent grain removing, counter flow washing device is equipped at the bottom for easy and thorough cleaning.
-Complete and streamlined proecess design contributes to convenient operation and compactness of the whole system, occupying only 14 m2 .
-Automation mode is adopted in which operation that is vital or frequently conducted and the main process can be operated and set with parameters on touch screen

craft beer brewhouse

ASTM 304 stainless steel full welded
Insulated with PU
Stainless steel cladding
Steam jacket (with safty valve)
Volume indicator on vessel side
Temp probe (can be connected to control cabinet)
Spray ball - removable

Consisting of caustic tank, citric tank, sanitizing tank and hot water rinsing tank
ASTM 304 stainless steel
Manhole on the top
Safety device for the caustic tank
Steam heated and insulated

Standard Sizes
Range 20bbl - 100bbl

Standard configuration:
ASTM 304 stainless steel full welded
Insulated with PU
Stainless steel cladding
Steam dimple jacket
Stirrer under the bottom of MT & WK
Temp probe (can be connected to control cabinet)
Spray ball - removable
Volume indicator on vessel side
Internal boiler of MT & WK
Grist hydrating device
Operating platform
3-vessel or 4-vessel brewhouse

One-stage cooling applies ice water as the coolant, chilled wort enters fermentation tank and hot water after heat exchanging returns to hot liquor tank.

The biological fermentation tank can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customers’ requirements completely. We try our best to ensure compact design structure, less internal accessories and smooth surface when we design various of fermentation tanks. The volume of the fermentation tank we supplied is from max 400M3 to min 15L. Generally speaking, when the nominal volume is below 1.5M3, the tank will be jacketed type and the cooling or heating of fermentation broth is completed via jacket. When the nominal volume is above 1.5M3, the cooling of fermentation broth is completed via internal coil (or tube bundle). At the same time if the heat exchange area can’t reach the requirements, it is available to add external jacket.
We have improved the manufacture of coil (tube bundle) inside the tank and apply auto welding. In addition, we carry out 100% radio-graphic inspection on welding lines to ensure that the tube surface is smooth without scratch and reduce the microbiological contamination possibility.

fermentation tanks

Also Lehui is the largest stainless steel equipment manufacturer in China, of which the largest tank’s volume can reach to 1200m3 and the smallest reaction tank is only 15L. We have dozens of years’ experiences of stainless steel vessel manufacture and are specialized into the production of equipment and vessels for chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, light industry, etc. We will design satisfactory products in accordance with your requirements. We can manufacture mixing kettle, tube bundle heat ex-changer, crystallizing tank, atmospheric storage tank, etc.
Attention should be paid to that our polishing technology is top-ranking and we have mechanical auto polishing and electric polishing technologies, which can meet the in-tank sanitary level requirements for GMP, FDA and other industries’ standard. Also, we can provide on-site installation, test and other services for stainless steel vessel.

energy saving tunnel pasteuriser

The central heat supply pasteurizer is developed and designed by Lehui
on basis of tunnel spray pasteurizer, which features in low energy costs
and water consumption.

LHPBSJ series pasteurizers adopt pasteurization technology. The machine
pasteurizes the bottled beer. After the bottles are filled with beer,
they are conveyed continuously and smoothly to the pasteurizer, then
bottles pass through ten temperature zones for processing,
saccharomycete in the bottles will be killed under the fixed spraying
temperature and pasteurization time, the discharge temperature is below
30℃, which can protect the microorganism stability of beer or beverage
so that the product's shelf life is prolonged and the quality is

Products' taste will be damaged through excessive pasteurization.
Therefore, Lehui develops a new PU intellective temperature control
system. When the main drive stops due to the bottle jam at the exit of
the Pasteurizer, the water temperature in the high temperature zone and
sterilization area should gradually decline to about 52 ℃. And when the
bottle jam is removed, the main drive shall start immediately. Whether
there is an emergency shutdown or the filling line speed changes, it is
able to follow the changes to ensure consistency flavor of the beer
after sterilization.

Central heat supply pasteurizer is the best choice for precise PU
control, high productivity, low energy costs, minimum maintenance and
cleaning, and short installation time. The machine is equipped with a
heat exchanger and energy-saving buffer device, there is no overflow
even in extreme conditions, and the standard modular design shortens the
time of delivery and installation.

Low cost high spec washer filler
Pre-Wash/Recovery Tank
Detergent Tank
Self clean CIP
Data Recording
Remote Diagnostics
Meters all UK safety standards
Meter Filling Standard (Option)
Low Level Keg Load and Remove
Keg Pressure Seal Check
Ullage Recovery(option)

MICRODAT keg wash filler

canning pasteurising machine

Heating system applies the approach of centralised heating and respectively deployment. A plate heat exchanger is used as heater. The water circulation in the thermal buffer tank should be heated up to 75-85 ℃ when start up. The 75℃ water then is heated instantaneously to approximately 90 ℃ via heat exchanger during the normal operation. After that, the hot water goes into the main pipe distribute into each temperature zone directly for the heating purpose.

The bottle conveyor belt which has good strength, high temperature resistance and good water permeability is made of Intralox plastic mat chain. It has the characteristic of smooth delivery.
The drive shaft is made of Cr13 stainless steel. The main drive motor with variable frequency converter, the conveying speed can be appropriately adjusted within a certain range. The bottle conveyor is in a closed case at the bottle in-out ends of pasteuriser and the sliding protection windows are installed to ensure the workers’ safety. The main body applies an open structure allowing the top and both sides to be easily opened. Cleaning, maintenance and observation during the production process at any time are very convenient. The round spraying pipe installed with a nozzle is used to spray evenly in the spray system. It is easy to clean without nozzle clogging; the spray water pump of pasteurizer is a Nissin pump made of stainless steel. There is a double filter at the entrance for easy cleaning and maintenance.
There are a number of temperature zones, using the automatic control device with multi-point PID temperature. The temperature control is highly precise and sensitive;
The whole machine can implement PU value real-time automatic control.

canning filling machine

This machine adopts electronic filling valve with high-precision flow meter and isobaric filling; the filling valve has the function to exhaust air with carbon dioxide. Low amount of oxygen is produced during the filling operation.
Scope: All the procedures during the filling process include:
Air exchange
Carbon dioxide back pressure
Filling and pressure relief which are all under PLC automatic control
The filling volume
CO2 replacement time
Pressure relief work station number etc can be set in the PLC control interface
All filling valve seals are made of bellows or rubber diaphragm. There are no dead corners, which has ensured internal filling valve is sterile. The filling valve is equipped with automatic CIP cleaning cup.

The centring cover of the filling valve lower down to the top of can prior to filling process, there is no need of can lifting parts.
The cans are in a horizontal plane when they pass through the entire filling machine without any lifting action.
A spring is used on the filling valve seal cover to compress tightly to prevent dead corners inside the pneumatic compression device.
The filling machine is driven by Seamer to maintain synchronous running.
The filling parameters of different cans can be change directly on the PLC master control interface. In addition to the necessary change over parts, the other adjustments such as ring bowl height and the control cam height are all controlled by the PLC automatically.
The filling machine controls the in feeding and stopping of the cans according to the accumulation of the cans upstream and downstream automatically.
The frame platform is of hygienic design. Round tube type filling bowl has no cleaning dead corner. Hygienic valve matrix is adopted for media connection.

complete canning line

600-1200 CPM canning line is suitable for canning carbonated/non-carbonated beverage and beer
The full line features high automation and stable performance, wins good fame both home and abroad.

The filler and seamer are combined into a monobloc. The drive transmission from the seamer to the filler ensures stable & liable liquid level. The distance from filling to seaming is shortened to decrease the oxygen pick up before seaming. All liquid contact parts made of stainless steel. The machine can be easily changed over to suit different can size. The gap between the seaming rollers can be adjusted by a special mechanism to ensure the sealing quality.

The pasteuriser and can warmer (for carbonated beverage) applies chain mess featuring high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, good water through capability and smooth running. The PID temperature control system is highly precise and sensitive.

The carton case packer is a fully automatic machine produced with introduced technology of Germany.
 The machine consists of function units as can conveyor, configuration, packing, case forming, gule sprat, film and electric & pneumatic control. The machine can be easily changed to suit different can size. The key parts are imported to ensure machine stability and reliability.

The conveyor system is interlinked with each unit of the production line to control can move speed, thus to avoid jam and deformation caused by can squeezed against each other.

Full line made of stainless steel which is rigid and durable. The pre-mixer is a unique unit for carbonated beverage, fully made of stainless steel. High rationing precision and thorough CO2 dissolving. Key parts are imported to ensure the machine stability.

Beer and Carbonated Beverage Glass Filling

Beer and carbonated beverage glass filling
Capper meets the most stringent hygiene standards with low oxygen pic-up control
High precision of level control
Over 90% operational efficiency
Complies with CE certification

kgf electro-pneumatic filler

KGF Electro-Pneumatic fillers is new generation product which combines
the advantage of sturdy mechanical components with the flexibility of an
electro-pneumatic controller. The filling process is performed with the
container pressed against the filling valve by lifting cylinder. A
single or double pre-evacuation is used depending on the product.

When the pressure inside container equals to the backpressure of the
ring bowl, filling started. The filling height is determined by vent
tube. When the product is filled up to the vent tube, filling stopped.
All these make the filling process smooth and complete.
The vent tube is changeable according to different container or product.
The ring bowl, centring bell, lifting cam and capping system are
equipped with automatic height adjustment with memory function. All
filling process steps can be programmed easily and individually, which
is optimized specifically to the respective combination of product and

The filling steps are precisely controlled by computer. You can simply select the pre-determined parameters in the computer to change the filling process, which is convenient and quick.
The filling process are not affected by the speed of the filling machine, when the filling machine is at low speed, the pre-evacuation, back pressure and the filling time of the filling machine are the same as the high-speed filling. After the filling the depressurization will began when the filling valve turns to pressure relief station.
The valve body structure is simple, so it is easy to clean; the gas valve stem, vacuum valves and pressure relief valves have used bellows to seal, which will not bring in external bacteria. Thus it is suitable for filling the draft beer.
The vacuum channel is short with low resistance, and it can be thoroughly vacuumized , which helps to reduce the amount of oxygen in the filling process.
There is no fragile level probe of electronic valve. You can change the filling level simply by replacing the return air tube.
With fewer wearing parts in the filling valve, it is of good reliability and easy to maintenance.
It is suitable for Carbonate and Non-Carbonate beverage filling.

P-type electronic isobaric filler

P-type electronic isobaric filling valve is the state-of-the-art filling
valve applicable for the filling of common beer and draft beer. The
technology has filled the gaps of domestic beer filling industry and
reached to the cutting-edge around the world. The filler with
incomparable flexibility for change-over of any new products will
dominate the future market.

Compared with mechanical valve fillers, the electronic valve fillers are
provided with more prominent practicability and flexibility which
feature in hygienic design energy conservation, safe operation and less

Time control of filling, cylinder opens the valve at definite time,
filling parameters do not vary with the speed of main machine
Pre-evacuation inside bottles, back pressure, steam sterilization and quick/slow filling are all controlled by PLC,

filling process can be completely isobaric with no bubble parameter, correction is available.
Stem seals with metallic bellows and rubber diaphragm ensures aseptic Simple structure of valve body with no dead angles
Two filling modes,

quick filling and slow filling, ensures filling precision and stability
Level with probe control and correction function.
Level precision can be controlled in±2mm.
No blowing for return tube in case of beer haze contaminating the filling environment.

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