Non Cabonated PET bottle filler

This machine is suitable for filling mineral water, purified water and other non-carbonated beverages in PET bottles. The 100 grades purification unit is optional for customers, part of the equipment meets the requirements of 100 grades. The enclosed structure provides a dry and hygienic filling enviroment.

Complete hygiene and less consumption
The whole interior space and internal circuits of the equipment are strictly controlled right from bottle infeed and product infeed.
Thanks to its ergonomic design and easy maintenance, there are no bottles getting jammed or falling down from rinsing to filling to capping. This improves the reliability of each single machine.
With compact structure and small footprint, overall investment is reduced.

Hot Fill PET bottling line

Description: Hot fill PET bottling line with production capacity 6,000BPH to 48,000BPH (based on 500ml bottle).

Use: Juice, Tea and other various hot fill liquids

Scope: Blow moulder, air conveyor, UHT, cap sterilizing-elevating-unscrambling unit, rinser & filler & capper monobloc, tilting cap sterilizer, bottle cooler, drier, sleeve labelling machine, ink jet coder, shrink film packer, palletizer, stretch wrapper, bottle and carton conveyor, electrical control system, etc.

Ultra Clean Hot filling

The super-clean hot filling unit is generated under the requirements for filling standards and food safety. The super-clean hot filling machine is mainly applied to juice, tea, health and functional beverages for hot filling, middle temperature or low temperature automatic production lines. It can also be applied to pure water and mineral water filling.
The production capacity is 12000/18000/24000/36000bph.

Asepic filling machine

High speed PET cold aseptic filling line, its capacity is 36000bph. We prepare to develop 48000bph packaging line soon.
Cold aseptic filling machine used for neutral beverage filling, such as coffee, beverage with milk, herbal tea and juice.
Specifications: Isolation and sealing, microbiology control and inspection, cleaning and sterilization, filling, system control, air purifying technology.
The way to be filled: cold aseptic filling ( at normal temperature)
Container: 280~500mL PET round bottle and square bottle, Φ28mm PCO cap
Production capacity: 460bpm (500mL)
Sterilizing efficiency: 6D or>6D
Assembly line is highly automated with a stable performance.

Provides the Turn-key project to customers, also providing aseptic Validation management and technology training.

automatic cip system

The machine is used for cleaning tubes, valves, aseptic tanks and aseptic balance tanks that have contact with materials. The acid and caustic can be recycled and used again. 
Water tank SUS304, acid tank SUS316L, caustic tank SUS316L
Flow rate monitor
Concentration controller
Stainless steel tubular heat exchanger
Pneumatic control valves (auto-control and used to clean water pipes)
Cleaning process control (customers can set through PLC)
To feed acid and caustic automatically through diaphragm pump
Butterfly valve
CIP spraying ball
Level probe
Temperature indicator
Sample valve
Temperature monitor
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